Football Fiesta – A festival to celebrate health & football

 Ahmedabad: On 25th March Sunday morning, Kahaani Sports Academy organized Football Fiesta – a fun football festival to promote football and physical fitness among kids and their parents. The event was held at KASA Ground of the academy at 7:30 in the morning. 

There were many objectives behind the idea of this event. First, to promote the importance of physical fitness not only among kids but also among their parents. Secondly, to impart knowledge among parents as to how they can contribute to their kid’s football training at home. Lastly, to give a chance to both parents and children to spend some fun time together. 

Despite it being a Sunday morning, everyone came on time and the event was started as planned. It began with a little warm-up session. Then parents and kids were divided into groups and fun activities were held among them. Activities like agility test, shootout, one-to-one passing, etc. were being played.

In between these activities, our coaches provided instructions, suggestions and advices to parents as to how they should contribute towards their child’s development in football and his/her physical fitness.

The festival was concluded with football matches being played to enhance the fun for the day. Though the parents looked tired, they knew it was nothing compared to the fun they had with their kids.

Looking at the overwhelming response from them, our academy is considering turning this festival into an initiative. An initiative to promote physical fitness among the parents as it is necessary in today’s busy lif