AFC Grassroots Day 2017

Kahaani celebrates AFC Grassroots Day 2017

Kahaani Sports Academy celebrated AFC Grassroots Day 2017 on Monday, 15th May at KASA Ground in Ahmedabad. Around 150 kids of age 4-12 years participated in the event. Many parents came to support and cheer for their kids.

A part of AFC’s One Asia, One Goal Campaign Grassroots Day’s aim is to develop the popularity of football at the grassroot level among the kids under 12 years. 

Kahaani organised the event to promote football and its values and importance among the kids of Ahmedabad. Also, to carry forward the philosophy of Grassroots Day which is ‘Football for everyone’.

Kids showed great enthusiasm and energy before the start of the event as well as throughout the event. The fun packed event witnessed kids participating in various fun activities to boost their interest in football.

Children were divided into three groups and then various activities took place simultaneously. It began with fun warm-up with handball. There were other activities like blind penalty, tail snatch and defend. Besides these fun activities children also learned many football skills. There were mini-football matches played in the team of 5 players. However, the last act of throwing the balls together in the air gave all the kids great joy. Kids knew it was their day and they enjoyed it to the maximum. 

One of the objectives of Grassroots day is to promote football among kids and locals and Kahaani made sure that this objective gets fulfilled through their efforts.

Parents were happy to see their kids enjoying the event. In our interviews with parents, one of the parents said, “Events like these not only create awareness for football among children but they also create awareness among their parents.”

The team of Kahaani Sports Academy was behind the success of the event. The coaches and some of the players from their under-12 and under-15 teams gave their best to see that every kid enjoyed the event. One of the parents in an interview taken at the event said, “The thing I like about the coaches at Kahaani Sports Academy is that they treat their students as their own kids and this really brings out the best in them.”

Such fun-like events can surely increase the popularity and likeliness towards football among the kids of Ahmedabad. It has always been Kahaani’s first and foremost objective. Parents agreed that AFC should host more of such events to promote football in countries like India.