About Us


The Beginning

Started by Dr. Manisha Shah in 2006, Kahaani Sports Academy is one of the leading football academies in Ahmedabad city.

The academy was started as a mother’s initiative to continue sporting education for her children when she moved from Hong Kong to India.

But as her passion for football grew, this initiative became a dream which then turned into a vision. 


The Vision

Every member at Kahaani shares a vision.

A vision to promote football and sportsmanship at the grassroot level.

A vision to provide opportunities for talented players who can represent Gujarat at national and international level.


The Journey!

Against many odds and obstacles, Kahaani has grown and thrived to achieve success.

The credit of its success goes to the unrelenting commitment of the founders, immense support of key sponsors such as Sintex, commitment of players and parents and severely untapped potential for this beautiful game in Gujarat.

Shree Leenaben Sarabhai, AES and Bakeri Developers have also played a crucial part in our journey.

Our academy has encouraged many girls to participate via tournaments and coaching sessions, helped underprivileged kids to get free or discounted training, and encouraged fair and honest play.


Current Scenario

Our academy currently provides coaching to 500+ students of all age groups.

Operating at multiple locations: Bakeri ground-Vejalpur, KASA football ground-Vastrapur, and Kahaani ground, Ghuma.

Kahaani conducts professional coaching in the evening and morning for all age groups of boys and girls. These coaching programs have unearthed very strong and rising level of interest in football among youth. The societal benefits are immense as these young kids make the best use of their free time to develop excellent skills, fitness, and sportsmanship. 

We also conduct specialized coaching programs for schools at their premises.

We also train underprivileged kids to become a better citizens of the country.


Kahaani & SKF Collaboration

SKF India Ltd. and our academy has come together to provide free football coaching to underprivileged kids of Ahmedabad. Students from Municipal schools of certain areas who cannot afford sports training, are provided free coaching at our academy. Besides this, their health and diet is also taken care of. Some of these kids have been selected to play in ADFA team for Inter-district tournaments. And they have done remarkably well in those tournaments.